The Intertwining Concepts of Weather and Climate

Climate and Weather are two terms that are considered to be synonyms, but there are actually not so, however they are very deeply related and both depend on each other for their occurrence. Weather is the condition of the atmosphere of a particular place while climate is the study of the weather of a place over a period of several days or years. Meteorologists like Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman will be properly able to differentiate between the two terms.

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Climate by its definition is the average weather of a particular geographical area, and so it is clearly evident both these concepts are intricately intertwined. The statistics of changes in the weather have shown ensuing changes in the climate. But the surprising thing, often found is that it is easier to decipher and predict the climate of place even for 50 years from now; but rather difficult to judge its daily weather. The erratic and chaotic nature of weather brings difficulty in its prediction for more than a few days.

The changes in the climate that are caused by the changes in the atmospheric conditions are considerably easier to manage; just like it is easier to state the average age of death of a man living in an industrialized country, rather than predicting the precise age at which he will die. Climate is the description of a long term weather which includes the amount of precipitation or rainfall, sunshine, humidity, velocity of the wind, and occurrence of natural phenomena such as hail storms, fog, and frost.

The things of consideration to determine either of these concepts are the same, only the way or the duration for which they are considered varies greatly. You could say that weather is what determines the climate of a place. The point of difference between the two lies in the fact, that the weather could be a constant change while the climate has more permanence in it. Usually the changes in a climate are hardly recognizable because of its gradual behavior.

Meteorologists have always been putting in a great deal of effort into understanding the various forces of nature that depict the weather and trying to predict by observing the day-to-day changes in weather. The meteorologists are able to predict the climate by studying the physics-based concepts of how the atmosphere moves, cools, warms, snows, rains and even evaporates water. However, the greatest limitation in predicting the weather for more than a few days is a basic dynamic characteristic of the atmosphere.

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