Role Of Metformin In The Management

Role Of Metformin In The Management Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Yes, I have PCO and I am two months pregnant from it. My husband and I have been together ten years, this is my first pregnancy. What doctors back then did not realize is that while insulin saved the lives of type I diabetics (who produce little or no insulin), those with type II diabetes often produce too much insulin as their pancreas tries to offset multiple metabolic imbalances.

how long does it take for metformin to work While the results of Rowan et al. (21) on this issue are both encouraging and reassuring, and the possibility of benefit in children and adolescents with in utero exposure to metformin is intriguing, the long-term impact—positive or negative—of metformin use is still largely an unknown quantity.

There is no benefit from taking two doses close together or from doubling up the dose in one go. Missing an occasional dose will not make a great deal of difference but if it happens regularly you may find that the Metformin cannot deal with the extra sugar.

I’ve been on 1000mg of Metformin – doctor wanted me to take that in the mornings with one 10mg GlyburideXL and then take another 100mg at lowered my blood sugar too much, so I cut out the morning Metformin and only take it if my blood sugar is really high at lunch and then only take 1/2 a pill (500 mg)which works wonderful.

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