Places to discover in Essaouira, Morocco

Places to discover in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is one of those cities that deserve to be more than one single day here. It is not only the city itself or the quiet environment, it is because of the beaches and kind people that will make you feel comfortable and happy. Maybe how it looks like does not catch tourist’s attention –it looks like a closed fortified city- but when you come inside the city, you totally change your mind. This city has a different personality than other cities, it has unique people and thanks to history these people are kind of different. You can find surfers and hippies walking around the beach, and you are going to breathe fresh marine air.

One of the simplest and best thing about this city is definitely the port. The blue ports aligned in rows, the traditional places that will make you feel like you were traveling in the past; everything about this port is special. This is a little port in which you can see fishers and you come back to the past. It is interesting to see the beautiful blue boats decorating the zone and people taking out the fishes. This is a mandatory place to visit in which you connect to Moroccans lifestyle especially in Essaouira. The port is a picturesque place, you can eat some sardines and you can visit the place in which there are Spanish cannons. Additionally, you will get some beautiful sights.

If we continue the Morocco Tour there are some recreational activates you can take into account when visiting this city. The l’Atelier Madada is the perfect place to show your culinary skills to people you do not know. The cooking courses are amazing, you cannot lose them. There are some delicious sweets like the apricot past that you will learn how to prepare. You can surprise your friends by cooking everything you just learned here. This is an excellent place to prepare the Moroccan food and there are good vibes here: an amazing cooking teacher and new friends you are never going to forget. If you go inside the place, you immediate get exciting even if you did not start yet, the place looks like a beautiful house with tables and the necessary things you need to cook. You will feel like a real Moroccan cooking the amazing dishes.

As I was telling you, one of the favorite activates of all people is surfing, and Essaouira is lucky to have an amazing beach. The Essaouira beach is perfect for people who love surfing. In this zone there are some restaurants in which you can find amazing food. The beach is really long and it seems like it is never going to end, at the end of the beach you find the walled area. This place is good to walk around or maybe doing some exercises. You will meet amazing people and you will enjoy being in this amazing beach. When you feel tired, you can go to a café near the beach, have a sit and enjoy looking around you and breathing fresh air. Going to the beach is one of the favorite activates of all people in the Morocco Tour.

If you enjoyed being in the beach, then you will love to take surf, windsurf and kitesurf classes. If you are an expert or you have already practiced those sports, then you will enjoy visiting this beach more than other people; this is one of the best beaches to practice surf, windsurf and kitesurf.

There are many reasons why people should visit Essaouira, there is no doubt.

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