Make detoxifying foot patches your New Year’s resolution

New year, new you – that’s the motto right? The new year is a wonderful time – one that inspires us to start fresh, set new goals, and start new habits. If your resolution is to live a healthier life in any way, there is one simple goal you can add to your list of resolutions – begin detoxing every day using foot patches.

Whether you’re aiming for more exercise, a better diet, better mental health, or less exposure to harmful toxins, your health goals can only be supported by ending each day with a simple, affordable, and easy-to-do detoxifying ritual.

How to toxins enter the body?

Toxins enter the body in a number of different ways, because our bodies interact with our environments in different ways. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the things we touch, and the cosmetic and cleaning products we use all contain toxins that make their way into our bodies through digestion, the skin, and our lungs.

In some cases, we have the option of avoiding toxins. We can watch what we eat, use organic products, and ensure we maintain a clean and healthy environment. But the pace and interactivity of modern life ensures that our bodies are absorbing more toxins than ever, no matter how careful we are. That said, fighting toxins in the body is not a losing battle, and there are many steps you can take to support your body’s natural processes.

How does the body remove toxins?

On top of all the toxins that we encounter in our daily lives, the body also has its own toxins to contend with. The functioning of the human body means that toxins and wastes are produced as byproducts of breathing, digestion, and our metabolism, so we are already biological experts at cleansing our bodies.

Your kidneys and liver are key players in your body’s detoxification system, and are primarily responsible for keeping your system free and clear of toxins. We also expel toxins through our sweat, urine, and exhaling. But, considering some of what we encounter, our bodies can use all the help they can get.

How do you use detoxifying foot patches? 

Detoxifying foot patches, and other detox products, do not take the place of the processes that our body has in place. Instead, they work to rapidly remove certain extra toxins from our systems, giving our bodies a boost, and allowing our natural cleansing systems to do what they should, with a little bit of help.

Containing natural ingredients like oak vinegar, bamboo vinegar, and eucalyptus, foot patches are specially formulated to natural draw toxins to the surface of the skin, and out through the feet. These foot patches first gained popularity in asia, where feet are central to the body’s overall health. The thin skin, blood flow, and connectivity to other tissues and systems make the feet the perfect place to target toxins.

These foot patches are simply places on the bottom of the foot before bed each night, and they will do the rest of the work while you sleep. Users report massive benefits and feeling much better after using these patches, and considering the affordable price, they make an excellent contribution to your healthy lifestyle plan.

Foot patches: the easiest way to detox

There are many ways you can detox the body, including specific diets, but many of them are quite stringent and difficult to adhere to. If you’re looking for a simple way to boost your system every day, without making a massive commitment, detoxifying foot patches are an excellent choice for you. Simply make a habit of popping one on the bottom of your feet each night, and the results will be clear in the morning (pro-tip, if you notice that one part of your foot tends to be particularly “productive,” be sure to try to place patches in this area going forward for maximum benefit).