Brian Carr Naples States the Importance of Good Quality Web Content

The last decade witnessed a revolutionary growth in the popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web. In today’s time almost everyone, irrespective of cast, creed, age, or sex have their presence on the internet. Hooked to their tablets and mobile phones, internet is the first place where one searches while looking for any information. The phrase stating that- if a certain thing doesn’t exist on the internet, then it probably doesn’t exist at all; holds much truth in today’s world. Thus, here comes the significance of web content. Explained in the simplest terms, web content includes any text, audio or video a person comes across in a website.

The importance of having good web content according to Brain Carr

With the help of his valued experience, Mr. Carr states the importance of having good web content :

  • There are innumerable websites available on the web, so give a reason to the visitors to choose your website from among all of them. The content of your website is the component which sets it apart from the others. Web content is what attracts visitors to your website.
  • Through your web content you can give the visitors a reason to come back to the website again and again. Innovative and eye catching content, which intrigues the visitors are successful in leaving a mark on their mind.
  • The content of your website is what passes across the message of your company to the visitors. How a company is portrayed by its web content is directly linked to the image created of the company in the mind of the visitors. Web content having accurate information of a company and its ideologies shall result in creating a positive brand for the company.

While formulating the web content of companies there are certain pointers which need to be kept in mind:

  • Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or inaccurate facts are an instant turn off for any visitor who may enter your website. Poor quality content can result in a negative image of the company. Thus each and every textual piece should be reviewed by a copywriter before it is published on the website.
  • Content is not just limited to texts, visual content plays a huge role in attracting visitors. Many a time a person doesn’t have the time to read huge chunks of paragraphs, in such cases it’s the visual appeal of the website catching their eyes. Info graphics, illustrations or diagrams contain an interactive element which helps in holding the attention of visitors. Videos help the visitors absorb the necessary information with minimal efforts.
  • Highly experienced in creating and supervising web content, Brian Carr Naples talks about the significance of web design. Having good quality content, but poor web design shall render all the work put behind the content useless. An easily navigable design, giving the visitor a smooth user experience is of great importance. Only when a visitor is satisfied with the web design of the website, shall they proceed to check out its contents.

Brian P Carr advices to appoint a professional content manager for a business website who can oversee all the content being published and ensure a growth in visitor traffic.