Best Gaming Keyboards

Well, if you are a game enthusiast then you will aware of the importance of buying a good keyboard. Having a good keyboard is the key to success when it comes to playing PC games. Just like the importance of steering wheel while driving a car, the importance of keyboard is similar apart from being just another input device.

For gamers, having a high responsive keyboard yields them a high amount chances for gaining victory. Many might fall into trap on witnessing only the features of a keyboard instead of looking for the conformance of the keys. To be frank, features, keyboard size too plays a vital role on picking the right set of keyboards.

With my personal experience, I here suggest the list of best gaming keyboards for hardcore gamers; my list includes both the membrane and mechanical switch keyboards. For those who are all unaware about the membrane and mechanical keyboards, a membrane keyboard has a combined set of keys, which are fixed in a flat printed circuit board. However, a mechanical keyboard has separate keys, which placed separately, uses switches, and metals contacts for its functions.

List of Best Gaming Keyboards in 2018

  1. Logitech G513

I personally worked in Logitech G513 in my friend’s house. There are no words to describe the quality which every product of Logitech posses especially when it comes to computer peripherals. As per my view, its simple keyboards that come with RGB lightening features that give us the cool look.

∙         Pros: Sleek Metal Chassis, Great Performance, Comfortable Wrist Rest

∙         Cons: No discrete Media Keys, No customizable program keys

  1. Logitech K840

For those who are looking for the budget keyboards from the Logitech then preferring the Logitech K840 would be the best option. Since the product is the budget-friendly keyboard, users can’t find the presence of the extra features in K840 keyboard from Logitech. However, the keyboard comes with the highly durable aluminum plate on the front side.

∙         Pros: Budget Keyboard, Durable Aluminum Front plate, function integrated Keys

∙         Cons: Cheap pad-printed keycaps, No Macros, No backlights, No Wrist rest

  1. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

If you are a fan of using Chroma-lit accessories, then preferring the BlackWidow keyboard would match your expectation level. Apart from giving equally balanced comfort and performance, the Black Widow Chroma V2 keyboard comes with 5 macro keys that can be customized according to operations of any games.

∙         Pros: Mechanical Switch keys, Comfy Wrist Rest, LED Lighting

∙         Cons: Bit Costly, Single USB Slot


  1. Corsair K63 Wireless

Well, it is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards. To be frank, people always prefer to go for wireless mice for gaming but the Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard gives you all the features offered by the high quality wired gaming keyboards for gamers.  With the presence of the RGB lights, the K63 wireless keyboard comes with the comfortable media controls.

∙         Pros: Perfect accessories for playing games in the couch, Fully Featured, Programmable Keys, Keyboard Backlighting

∙         Cons: Flimsy Palmrest Clips, Bit costly

  1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Unlike the majority of the gaming keyboards, the Das Keyboard 4 professional gives you the real comfort while playing games. Apart from offering high productivity, the Das keyboard 4 comes with intuitive volume that gives user pleasure while working and gives you the stylish look.

∙         Pros: Stylish Design, Volume Knob, USB pass-through, Magnetic Foot bar

∙         Cons: No Backlights, No Macros, No Wrist rest

  1. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

If you are gamers who look for the customized keyboard with the software specially made for playing games, then opting Hyper X Alloy Elite gaming keyboard will give you real satisfaction. The presence of the RGB lightening gives great look.

∙         Pros: RGB Back lightening, Dedicating Media Keys, Volume Scrollers

∙         Cons: No dedicated Macro Keys

  1. Razer Ornata

Well, if you are confused on picking whether membrane or mechanical keyboards and found importance in both forms then Razer ornate comes to your need. Yes! Razer Ornata comes with the Mecha-Membrane set of keys. The entire keyboard comes with fully customizable features along with the pre-set of key backlights.

∙         Pros: Tactile keys, Audible Clicks, Magnetic plush Wrist rest, Customizable keys

∙         Cons: Short Keys, Cost High

  1. Kinesis Freestyle Edge

For gamers, who are all looking for the ergonomic keyboards for gaming, this Kinesis Freestyle Edge gives them a real advantage of having full control over their games. The split design for Kinesis Freestyle Edge gives the users the real comfort of placing their hands in natural position while working/playing games. In addition, the keyboard comes with a wrist rest pad and supports wrist rotation.

∙         Pros: Keyboards comes with the high number of Macros, Convenient design for gamers, Integrated Media Control keys

∙         Cons: Highly Expensive, Lift Kits comes Separately

  1. Cooler MasterKeys S

For those who always love to keep their computer accessories simple and compact form, buying this Masterkeys S would save them a lot of space on their computer table. Cooler Masterkeys S is a small designed gaming keyboard that comes with the presence of high-grade PBT keycaps that gives high durability for the keys. In addition, the Masterkeys S comes with the custom programmable option without any need of driver software from the manufacturer.

∙         Pros: PBT Keycaps, High-Value product, Integrated Function, and Media keys

∙         Cons: No backlighting, No macros, No pass-through, Costly

  1. Logitech G613

For wireless keyboard lovers, the product of G613 keyboard from the Logitech gives them an experience of working with light speed connectivity that makes no difference among wired and wireless keyboards. For people who love to type a lot and to play games, this Logitech G613 would be the handy option. The G613 never lacks in connectivity even with the presence of several wireless accessories nearby.

∙         Pros: Dedicated Macros, Integrated Media Controls, Comfortable fixed wrist rest, Full-size keyboard, Logitech Romer-G Switch

∙         Cons: No Backlights, No Detachable Wrist pad, Cheap Printed Keycaps, Works fine in short distance