Add thousands to your income with a botox certification course

A lot of the information available online focuses on the botox patient, and the experience from the client perspective. But, if you have a medical background and interest in aesthetics, it is time for you to consider botox from the business side of things, and how you can take advantage of this growing trend.

What is botox?

Botox is the common name for a medical and aesthetic procedure intended to paralyze muscles, relax the face, and create an appearance of youthful skin. Botox itself is a neurotoxin that can only be administered professionally and via injection. The treatment is not completely permanent, but quite long-lasting if completed by a professional who has completed a certification course.

The average botox client is younger than ever, which means chances are, if you provide excellent care and injections, you can have repeat clients who visit your practice multiple times for botox treatments over the course of their lives.

How does someone become qualified to administer botox? 

In most parts of North America and Europe, a medical background, certification, and successful passing of exams is required before someone can inject botox, for medical or aesthetic purposes. This should come as a relief to most patients, and to practitioners, considering the horrible outcomes that can result from non-professionals injecting a neurotoxin

A medical background will prepare you well for a botox certification course, and your course will take care of the rest. A good overview of botox will include information in the shape of the face, which procedures suit which age group, and type of person, how to advise and make an injection plan, and the latest in industry news and information. Be sure your program of choice is supervised by medical professionals, and that some business advice and support is included in your tuition. After all, it is one thing to know how to administer botox, but quite another to know how to market your skills.

How much does botox cost?

The cost of injecting botox varies from clinic to clinic, area to area, and country to country. Generally, price is measured in “units” or injections, and each patient may need 25 units or more. As an average, you can think of each session as costing a total of $500 – but be sure to do some research in your practice area to see what the average cost is. You will have some control over the pricing of your treatments, but want to be careful to not be too far over, or under, the local pricing average.

The price of the procedure is lower than it once was, but this does not mean that being certified to inject botox is not lucrative. With quick administration, limited supplies needed, and limited need for staff support, botox procedures are quite lucrative, even if you’re only planning to perform a few per week.

What is the business outlook for botox professionals?

In the past, botox injections were a fairly rare procedure, mostly used by celebrities and the very rich, hoping to preserve youthful looks. As society at large becomes more conscious of appearance, youthful look, and longevity, botox has exploded in popularity, and has become the most mainstream form of cosmetic enhancement.

As our culture of taking photos, taking videos, and perfecting image continues to develop, botox is set to increase in popularity for men and women from age 30 and up. Since botox is a safe and relatively affordable procedure, any medical aesthetician can only expect their client base, their income, and their prospects to grow over time. Anyone looking for some extra income, who has the necessary medical background should really consider a botox training certification course a wise investment in the future. By adding only a few clients a week, you can earn thousands a year helping people achieve the look they desire.